Normal Rates $99.00 Down and $33.00 amonth
Special this Month: Just $6.00 a week
(You Pay First and last month up Front and your monthly payment is $26.00 =Tax amonth)
Call for more Details (513)-874-8384.

Corperates, and Businesses Call and Find out How you can Join for just $19.00 a

Hire one of the
World Gym Trainers and Recieve Membership discounts(call For more info).
All Memberships are a one year contract which does not expire but becomes open end after first year. After First year member may cancel given
one month notice.

Here are Some of the great features
at World Gym
Pick up a 14 Guest pass
at the front desk, and let a friend try
out your gym

Traveling? 300 locations World wide.
Be a guest when you provide the
travel pass.
Plenty of Tanning Beds
Kids Play
Cold Drinks By
Body Building
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Weight Loss
One of the Trainer Rooms
WG Clothing and Apparel
Huge Workout area with a
large selection of equipment
and free weights
Cardio and Group Classes Area
Prices at
World Gym Cincinnati
Wide variety of Supplements
Beverly International
Tanning Lotions
Serious Iron Pumpin
going on
Clean and spacious
locker rooms